What’s your New Years resolution?

We are all reminded of the things we should do at the beginning of each new year.

So why not do something a little  different  and look  at where  the best changes could be made  and sustained in your world. Be ready and open for what this year will bring with joy and energy.   Take some time to work out what change means for you. maybe finally get those tools to help keep the weight off, enjoy exercise, socialize with people that make you feel good about you.  Re think how you can better function in your professional life with joy and enthusiasm. let go of judgement and fear and sleep better.  All these avenues will help build your resilience to manage the stressors in our lives.

If you are uncertain where to start, have a chat with your health practitioner. they will be able to start you on the appropriate path , then it is up to us to continue the process until it forms a new positive habit we no longer need to think about.

We need to do our homework, work out what best suits us.   When chatting to a practitioner, ask lots of questions. A good one is WHY. “Why do you think this will work for me?”

We all feel short of time in our busy lives so I say think about yourself and find the time, or you will eventually run out of time. Meditation would be helpful for these people.   People who have started believe enough in yourself to know  what you are doing is correct and continue  with a new fresh enthusiasm.  Ask yourself am I still on the correct path.  People who are still thinking about it look around and see where you would like to be yourself. The most important thing to remember is is that you are doing this change for you  and no one else.  Consider Nutritional, herbal and dietary support, body and energetic support as part of your tool kit.

Oh, one last thing before I forget, the most exciting thing  about taking  yourself in hand is that you can now  make your own choices  in the future because you have a greater understanding  and feel  more comfortable in dealing with life  everyday.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy new year and I look forward  to more topics.  If you have anything you may be interested in please leave a comment.

Happy Health

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