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Here are some of my frequently asked questions.
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Yes, an appointment is essential to ensure your needs are completely met. We have In person consultation, where you travel to me, online Consultations via Zoom or Phone consultation.

An initial consultation can take up to an hour and a half. So if you are lining up for your first visit, please allow that much time. Follow-up appointments are usually shorter – allow 45mins.

I will take a comprehensive history and ask questions regarding your lifestyle, work situation and general family environment. I will also do some preliminary tests, such as pH balance, and physical checks of your eyes, tongue and pulse.

Please remember that my consultations are a conversation. This is your opportunity to ask questions and develop a better understanding of what you need to attain the quality of life you want.

In most instances I can provide treatment options so that you get the support you need that fits within your existing circumstances. Together we will develop the best-fit treatment plan that is guided by common-sense, which is clear and easy to follow.

Yes, if you have any test results please bring them along.

Also, make a list of any medications, supplements or other remedies you are currently taking. Better yet, bring them along too.

You might also like to set a clear intention for yourself, for what you’d like to achieve in our work together.

No formal referral is required. However, if you have been seeing another practitioner, or if I have been recommended to you by someone who is already a client, please do let me know.

Naturopathy does not treat health conditions, as much as the whole person. Rather than honing in on the problem only, I work with the whole of you with an understanding of the “condition” that may require specific support. In this framework I facilitate a return to health for people managing:

  • Gut issues
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Mood disorders
  • Reproductive issues (male and female)
  • Chronic infections
  • Genetic conditions
  • Childhood illnesses
  • Spectrum conditions
  • Chemo-related illness
  • Pain – acute and chronic

No. It is a requirement of my continued accreditation as a practising naturopath that remedies are only supplied to people I have regular consultations with.

No, I don’t prescribe any particular type of diet for you to follow, such as Paleo, GAP, Vegan, etc. Rather I work with you to determine what dietary requirements, lifestyle changes, supplements and remedies are going to achieve the best outcome for you.

Yes, I work with the 1, 2, 3 weight loss program. This trademarked program is effective because it detoxifies the body. This process often results in sustainable weight loss: sustainable because the 1, 2, 3, program offers nutritional support and lifestyle changes that effect a “permanent” change.

I also provide the Ultra Lite Weightloss and Education Program designed to help you lose weight by learning how to make great food choices using fresh, whole-foods.

The gut is central to our overall health. It is here that essential nutrients from our food are sorted and absorbed leaving the rest to be removed as waste. The gut, with the help of our gut bacteria, also manufactures vitamins and neurotransmitters, that are essential for good mental health, strong immune system and longevity.  It is vital to our long term good health that the gut is well cared for.

To get the outcome you are looking for it is better, and certainly more cost-effective in the long run to use practitioner-only products, that is, the supplements I stock. This is simply due to the higher concentration of the active ingredients, the consistent high quality of the products, and the absence of “fillers”. To achieve the same therapeutic benefit using over-the-counter supplements you often need to substantially increase the dose. This results in using up your shop-bought supplements more quickly and having to re-stock more frequently, which can actually end up costing you more in the long run.

Ultimately the choice on how you spend your income is yours.

Fitgenes tests a range of genes looking at inflammation, methylation, Vitamin D and B12, Cardio vascular health, fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and gives you information in relation to how well these genes are working. This is an indication of health both present and future and once completed you have for life. It is very useful baseline information when there are multiply health issues manifesting.

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