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How do you know if you’re Tense?

We all react differently to stressors and anxiety. However, it is not invisible and can be detected among a range of physical, emotional and intellectual signs. It is up to us to recognize the individual signs that relate to ourselves and families. This is particularly important for children, as they will not always recognise the …

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Health vs Wellbeing

What is the difference? We often use these words as meaning the same thing. Health can be explained as a state of being free from disease, illness or injury. A state of complete physical and mental health and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. When I consider Health holistically, there are 5 things …

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Herbs – The Healthy Alternative

In today’s world, herbs are all around us. They are in our morning juices, lunch salads and afternoon cups of tea. Other than adding a bit of flavour to our lives, herb have a high nutritional value. From alleviating minor health conditions to preventing illness, herbs are an integral element of a healthy diet and …

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Sleep like a baby

Things we can all do to get a better nights sleep! Get out side in the morning light. This will help you sleep better the following night. Exercise earlier in the day. Moving that body in the morning helps night-time sleeping. Cut out screen time in the evening. It gives the body the impression that …

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Food to help the Digestive System

With school returning soon and everyone getting back into the routine of life looking at the types of foods we are eating is worth considering.  If our digestive system is working well the rest of our body will be as well.  Life can be less exhausting with healthy tummy function! Green leafy vegetables are back in …

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