Sleep like a baby

Things we can all do to get a better nights sleep! Get out side in the morning light. This will help you sleep better the following night. Exercise earlier in the day. Moving that body in the morning helps night-time sleeping. Cut out screen time in the evening. It gives the body the impression that

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What you need to know when choosing a Naturopath

There are changes afoot with a number of natural health modalities happening on or around the 1st of April 2019.  Naturopaths and Western Herbalist are among them. So when we are looking for a Naturopath, it is important to consider a number of things that indicate that you are dealing with a Professional Health Care

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Food to help the Digestive System

With school returning soon and everyone getting back into the routine of life looking at the types of foods we are eating is worth considering.  If our digestive system is working well the rest of our body will be as well.  Life can be less exhausting with healthy tummy function! Green leafy vegetables are back in

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What’s your New Years resolution?

We are all reminded of the things we should do at the beginning of each new year. So why not do something a little  different  and look  at where  the best changes could be made  and sustained in your world. Be ready and open for what this year will bring with joy and energy.   Take

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Let's get integrated

Feel confident that you are taking control of your long term health goals!

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